Warranty Information

Pan-Am Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Pan-Am Dental guarantees complete customer satisfaction for the first 30 days after completion of all new products. If not satisfied, Pan-Am will take the following steps to make it right:

  • Remake or repair the original product at no additional cost to the customer.
  • Remake as a different product of equal or greater value and charge the difference. (Additional material change fee may be applied at our discretion.)
  • Issue credit for full refund if product is returned within 30 days of the invoice date.

The guarantee is specific to the original doctor and cannot be transferred to another doctor or patient.  This guarantee may be altered if the customer chooses to go forward with a treatment option against the recommendation of our technicians

Guarantee Protection by Product


  • Full Zirconia has a Lifetime Guarantee on materials and craftsmanship.
  • Other Fixed Primary Products (PFZ, Emax, PFM): 2-year guarantee from date of invoice.
  • Fixed Temporary Use Products: Temporaries, Wax-Ups, and other miscellaneous fixed products do not fall under the guarantee umbrella due to the temporary nature of these products.


  • New Removable Products: 12-month guarantee from date of purchase, with the exception of immediate dentures and treatment partials.

Sleep and Ortho

  • Nightguards, Orthodontic Appliances, Sleep Appliances: 12-month guarantee from date of invoice, with the exception of Invisible Retainers and Bleaching Trays.
  • Invisible Retainers/Bleaching Trays/Pro-Form Athletic Guards: 90-day guarantee from date of invoice.


  • Titanium and Gold Hue Abutments: Lifetime Guarantee
  • Zirconia Abutments: 5 -Year Guarantee
  • Screw-Retained Acrylic Hybrid: 1 year for failure of acrylic or denture teeth 
  • Zirconia Hybrid against breakage of Zirconia 5 years
  • Titanium Bar: Lifetime Guarantee 

Note: Screw-Retained Hybrids will be remade at no charge due to poor fit only if the prosthesis does not fit the model and the model has been returned with the prosthesis for remake.  Lab is not liable for all other costs of adjustment, repair and replacement of the device.  If the lab’s screw-retained hybrid protocol for verification jig was not followed, warranty is voided.

Credit & Remake Policy

Pan-Am Dental Lab warrants that a remake or credit will not apply under the following conditions:

  • If the original appliance is not returned at the time of remake request.
  • If a remake or credit is requested after the lab deemed the provided case materials incomplete and/or unsatisfactory and customer elects to proceed with the completion of the case without making any adjustment, refuses a try-in, or does not supply requested materials.
  • If a remake or credit is requested because the customer requests a tooth shade different from the original request.
  • If a remake or credit is requested for a finished product due to poor fit after try-in was approved.
  • If a remake or credit is requested due to treatment plan or material change from original request.
  • If a remake or credit is requested greater than 30 days from invoice date.
  • If a remake or credit is requested for immediate/surgical partials or dentures or treatments with healing extractions.
  • If a remake or credit is requested because the appliance fits the model but does not fit in the mouth.
  • If a remake or credit is requested and the remake reason is not specified, original materials or appliance(s) are not returned.
  • Pan-Am Dental Lab’s remake or credit policy will not apply to any account past due. Pan-Am  reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse accepting any new cases and processing remake or credit cases until the balance is paid in full and the account is current.

Pan-Am Dental Lab can amend the remake or credit policy at its sole discretion and without prior notice.