Digital Dentures

3D Printed Dentures

Our digital workflows enable you to move from analog to digital production for every denture delivering the highest quality and esthetics without compromising accuracy or turn-around time.


The material technology has the superior durability of traditional IPN and outperforms competitive 3D denture tooth materials available today in terms of wear resistance.

Available in 16 A-D shades1, plus two bleach shades.

It delivers exceptional material properties, supported by enhanced premium esthetics that create functional and lifelike dentures demanded by labs and clinicians.


Our 3D denture base includes every subtle hue from light pink to dark red, offering a complete suite of Lucitone gingiva shades to match any patient.

  • Exceeds ISO high impact standards
  • No mixing required – just pour and print
  • Available in five Lucitone shades

With Lucitone Digital IPN, labs can meet the accelerating demand for premium denture teeth with esthetics built into the workflow.

  • Premium-level wear resistance built from Dentsply Sirona’s long history of denture teeth expertise
  • Translucency and esthetic detail expected in premium denture teeth
  • Available in 16 A-D shades*, plus two bleach shared
  • Pour and print, no mixing required

Clinical Workflows


Yes, printed dentures can be adjusted and relined the same as traditional dentures.

Pan-Am offers a lifetime warranty on printed dentures. We will remake an identical denture at no charge should it fail due to any defect caused by the manufacturing process.

Patients can brush their digital denture with a soft bristle toothbrush using a mild soap. They can also use popular denture cleansers like Polident or Efferdent – just don’t soak the denture overnight in the cleaning solution or in water.

Pan-Am keeps the original files for all printed dentures. Simple call or email the lab, provide the patient information, and we will get a duplicate denture sent to you in less than 7 days

No, you can keep the printed try-in or give to the patient. The monoblock try-in can also be used as an emergency backup as it is made of FDA approved Lucitone resin.