How to Connect Your Scanner

Need Help with Setting Up Your Scanner?

The iTero Element Intraoral scanner is designed to deliver speed, reliability, intuitive operations and outstanding visualization capabilities. The high definition, multi touch display (that also works with latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves) lets you view images in 3D. Easy visuals improves communication with patients.

Sending A File

  • Select “Find a Laboratory” on your iTero Scanner or use lab locator at
  • Connect with Pan-Am Dental using our Company ID 1800

Cerec’s unique technology allows for easy capturing and quicker processing of more data in higher resolution. Intelligent processing in Cerec ensures the optimal interaction with the software by transmitting exactly the data the software needs to proceed. The result: Complete 3D-scan models are displayed immediately, no matter how fast you scan.

Sending A File

  • Create or login to your CEREC® Connect account.
  • Search for Pan-Am Dental as the Company Name. Check the box for Pan-Am Dental and select ADD to complete registration.
  • Whenever submitting your case via CEREC®, select PanAm from your list.

TRIOS 3 is so intuitive you may almost forget it’s a high-tech, AI-driven tool. It doesn’t just capture teeth; it captures a patient’s reality. You will pull up an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy on your screen within seconds – it’s easier than ever to engage.

Sending A File

The CS 3700 delivers a high-performance scanning experience that takes you in any direction you want to go. Turbo-speed scanning and patient and practitioner centric workflows coupled with smart-shade matching and touchscreen capabilities ensure compromise is a thing of the past.

Sending A File

Option 1:

Option 2:

  • Select Carestream Connect on your scanner and search for Pan Am Dental Lab or and
  • Select Pan-Am Dental Laboratory when submitting raw .STL files.

The small and lightweight Planmeca Emerald™ intraoral scanner has been designed with premium usability in mind. With unprecedented speed and accuracy, it represents the highest level of scanning available in the world today.

Sending A File

• Select Find a Lab option on your scanner.
• Search for either Pan-Am Dental Lab or and
• Add Pan-Am Dental Lab.
• Select Pan-Am Dental Laboratory when submitting scans.

Pan-Am is able to accept and use scans from any intra-oral scanner. If your scanner is not listed please email for assistance.

Dental labs are an essential part of the dental care industry, providing doctors with the materials and services needed to provide patients with the best care possible. And while traditional methods of case management work, they can be inefficient and costly. Pan-Am’s digital case workflow provides dentists with the efficiency, cost savings, and accuracy needed to take their practice to the next level.

Interior of stomatology cabinet with modern equipment

Streamlined and Easy Process

Getting a 3D Image of Patient’s Teeth

Dentists will need to scan the patient’s mouth using an intraoral scanner of their choice. The scanner will create a digital STL file that can be sent to Pan-Am. Since 3D imaging is able to capture all 360° of a patient’s teeth, this file can be used to create a digital impression of the patient’s teeth – allowing us to design the perfect fit and color of the appliance. 

Files Sent Electronically for Quicker Results

The files are sent electronically to Pan-Am and will be inputted immediately in our system, allowing technicians to get started as soon as possible. 

We will be able to use this digital file to fabricate the patient’s dental crowns, dental bridges, or other dental appliances. In addition, we use 3D printing technology to digitally fabricate individualized bite registration, bite bars, and other dental lab equipment. 

Design and Fabrication

3D modeling technology allows us to create digital mock-ups and designs of the patient’s appliances. Lab technicians to see what the appliances will look like, and make changes prior to fabrication. And when the digital design is approved, our team will begin the fabrication with accuracy and precision. 

Patients Files Stored Indefinitely

With a digital workflow, Pan-Am will store the patient files indefinitely. Should there be changes in the future, dentists can easily get access to all files sent to us. 

Going Digital with Pan-Am Dental Lab

Digital Dentistry is not just the future of dentistry, but the present. We at Pan-Am embrace technology, and aim to be up to date with the latest products. We accept all STL files from intraoral scanners, and are committed to providing the most advanced and up-to-date digital services you need to move your practice forward with confidence.