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  • BruxZir® Anterior Solid Zirconia

    Bruxzir Anterior

    With an average flexural strength of 650 MPa, translucency, and color similar to natural dentition, BruxZir Anterior is an ideal, esthetic solution for your anterior cases

  • Flexible Valplast Partial

    Valplast Partial

    Lightweight and practically invisible Valplast is a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic that allows for micro-movement in the mouth providing more comfort and patient compliance.

  • Custom Abutments

    custom abutments

    Atlantis and 3i Encode custom abutments coupled with the crown for an all inclusive price that never changes .

  • Cagenix 360

    Cagenix 360

    Introducing the game-changing overlay-on-frame system. Cagenix 360 is the latest innovation from the first name in frames, featuring a custom milled overlay structure that mates to a milled Titanium framework.

  • Zirconia Full arch Bridge

    zirconia full arch

    Full Contour Zirconia with pink layered porcelain

  • Premium Dentures

    Premium Denture

    Lucitone 199 acrylic with Ivoclar 5 layer tooth

  • Dorsal Sleep Appliance

    Dorsal Sleep Appliance

    The Dorsal Appliance is one of the most popular choices to remedy snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

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