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Procera copings

Procera Alumina

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    The Procera AllCeram restoration consists of two levels of technology - a CAD/CAM high strength sintered aluminum oxide ceramic core combined with a translucent veneering porcelain. The alumina cores are produced using CAD/CAM technology for accurate marginal fit and are available in two levels of thickness (.4 mm) for anteriors and (.6 mm) for anteriors, posteriors and bridgework.

    The Procera patented sintering process ensures that each coping is exceptionally strong (687 MPa's - twice the strength of other all-ceramics), and gives the coping a semi-translucent colour. This translucency provides the veneering porcelain with a natural warm dentin-coloured base to establish a natural shade blend without opacity. A special veneering ceramic with a CTE specifically designed for Procera gives the final restoration a natural vital appearance, making it virtually impossible to distinguish the Procera restoration from the natural tooth.

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