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Precision Attachment Partials

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5 - 10 days


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  • Description

    A precision attachment is a precision-machined male and female (key and lock) housing that connects a removable partial denture to fixed bridgework in cases where the fixed bridgework is not possible.

    Precision attachment partial dentures are the very best restorations where fixed restorations are contraindicated. Several key advantages of this type of restoration:

    • Cosmetic Appearance, avoids the need for unsightly clasps

    • Maintainable Periodontal Health

    • Longevity of Abutment Teeth

    • Patient Comfort

    • Questionable Teeth can be saved in a way that does not affect the case

    • Longevity if they are lost in the future.

    • Natural Tooth and/or Implant Abutments can Be Used

    • Precision Attachment Partial Dentures Can Be Adapted to Compensate for Future Changes in the Mouth

    • Prevent bone resorption of the ridges under the partial denture

    • Confer the highest degree of patient comfort.

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